At home with Anna Borisovna

We caught up with the stylist, influencer and friend of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection on coping, connecting and staying creative in the age of social distancing.


What does home mean to you?

“Home is where I feel comfortable. I live with my cat Professor in Munich and my apartment is a place where I can dream up new ideas and collect inspiration. I’ve been taking time to relax and play with my cat.”

My apartment is my place for dreaming up new ideas and finding inspiration.

Anna Borisovna

Influencer and stylist


What’s inspiring you?

“I’ve been reading books about Picasso, Ives Klein and Matisse – I love to read about inspiring artists. I also read fashion magazines such as Self Service, The Gentlewoman and old issues of Vogue. I’ll browse them while I eat breakfast and let myself feel inspired.”


How do your interiors help?

“I’ve painted my walls, redecorated my kitchen and balcony and tidied my closet – now my mind is free. I can’t be creative if it’s messy.”


How are you staying healthy?

“Every morning I drink hot water with lemon and ginger when I wake up, before running and following an at-home workout with Tracy Anderson. I’m also cooking fresh, healthy dishes and trying new recipes. One of my favourites is my zucchini porridge with caviar: you’ll love it!”.


What do you miss most about Munich?

“I miss my friends in SOIS BLESSED – it’s a concept store and coffee shop in the heart of Munich.”


How has your style changed at home?

“My style is the same. I’m wearing my favourite cashmere suit from ARKET and white cotton pyjamas at night.”


Where are you dreaming of?

“I’d love to travel to Sardinia this summer – the island is so pretty! I was there last year and everything was amazing: the food, beaches, people and the atmosphere!

“I’m also looking forward to a dinner date at the restaurant Rocca Riviera in Munich.”


What will you wear for your first major outing?

“Wide linen trousers and cool oversized shirts with a blazer, or the shirts with Bermuda-style shorts.”

All photos were taken on Anna’s visit to Ingolstadt Village earlier this year.